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“Invest in fujian” seminar was hold inBeijing

  On 18-Apr 2012 “invest in Fujian” seminar was hold in Beijing by the government of Fujian Province. From over 20 countries and international organizations, embassies and consulates, business associations and some of the world's top 500 business representatives gathered here in a further understanding of the Fujian and further expand exchanges and cooperation

  Mr. Jifei Wan who was the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the governor Mr. Shulin Su attended the seminar. Mr.Jifei Wan said that Fujian was implementing the strategic initiatives that construction of the Hercynian. And now already formed a good investment climate. China Council for the Promotion of International Trade will continue to support Fujian enterprises to go, and to bring in more multinational companies. And contribute more to Accelerating the development.of Fujian Province.

  Mr.Shulin Su, made a keynote speech at the meeting. He said that an open, Fujian, and look forward to the new cross-border investment and cooperation. A green Fujian, suitable for people's health living. A Fujian, there are boundless opportunities, and the unlimited prospects. We will further the implementation of “two planning program” approved by the central authorities, we will provide quality services to foreign-funded enterprises, foreign institutions. And will strengthen national exchanges and cooperation with multinational enterprises and the relevant international organizations, of the embassies and consulates, business associations. It will form a new situation of the positive interaction of investment and trade and continual growth.

  After the seminar, more than 150 large-scale backbone enterprises have a fruitful docking in a friendly and warm atmosphere with more than 60 well-know multinational corporations. Docking projects covering petrochemical, environmental technology, finance, trade, machinery, building materials, cultural industries, clothing, food processing, tourism and pharmaceutical industries. The Chairman of Hanji Power Co., Ltd., Mr.ChenZhong participated in the above activities as one of the representatives of the machinery manufacturing industry in Fujian Province , And posed for pictures with the governor Mr.Shulin Su.


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